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So you decided to be a model,punk?

To be honest,my life is filled with lots of experience and people,good or bad, i´ve met during my presence in this beautiful


I remember, a long time ago, it wouldn´t be possible even thinking about coming in a land,which language has a poor offer in terms of melody and musicality (i am half italian half russian so i might know,what i am talking about),whose people looks like they´re having a bad day but at the same time they smile to you,because they know life ain´t easy at all and so give a lil sparkle of happiness,bacause sharing is caring,right?

In this very jungle you have to run like Forrest Gump,in order to get something; be focused like a sith or a dark lord; and sometimes is all about Randomness toghether with Luck! Like this, my approach to modelling is very Casual : some people gave me very good appreciation to me and my """Theathrical""" skills (i insist in saying it´s all natural and i´m not, like, PLANING a speech or a face) and indeed i never thought of me in such ways; after that i looked in modeling world with a mixture of Interest and Curiosity!

Here came in my help https://foto-agentur.de, which gave me the possibility to make photos as an absolute noob: the people there helped me in order to be Pleasing in poses and Smiling,like i never smiled :D

Now i am exploring this ,literally, beautiful world and if i am gonna make it (and i am GONNA make it) i want to be the evil charachter of some movie,some day : W EVIL TEAM!


So, in waiting of the next Update, i salute you,errand Walker of the world!

Stay fool