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To my person:

Hi, I’m Simi, 30 years old, I’m originally from the region of Central Franconia in Bavaria and I live in Munich for several years now. In general, I’m very reliable, creative and curious to expand my horizon and to live freely my full potential. I just love trying things out and putting myself in the spotlight to get to know myself even better. I represent the zodiac sign "Leo" in the truest sense, means, I am very confident, open-minded and communicative, have a radiant charisma and like to be the center of attention. Anyone who knows me knows: I’m a real “Sunshine Girl” and a motivator, who not only puts myself in a good mood but also those around me. That means, whoever works with me will definately have fun in their job!


To modelling:

Every girl has probably always dreamt of or at least thought about becoming a model. Unfortunately, it took me quite a long time to understand that in order to be a model you don't just have to be tall, skinny and beautiful, but that it also depends on your personality and charisma. So, I thought to myself: “What do I have to lose?”. Then applied to the Foto-Agentur in Munich for a test shooting / casting, which took place in November 2023. I was very excited and really looking forward to it. The hardest part for me was picking out some suitable outfits, like: "What do I wear?" (I think you know what I'm talking about). The day before the shooting I sorted out some clothes from my wardrobe. From my experience I can say: wear something pretty that you like AND that you feel comfortable in. The result can be seen in the pictures. Only when you are “one” with your outfit, your insecurity is significantly reduced, which means you appear even more self-confident. And there is enough excitement on the shooting day.


To Foto-Agentur:

The team is really very attentive, lovely and helpful and overall I felt very comfortable. Wellbeing generally plays a big role for me because, as already mentioned, the end result also depends on it. And the pictures turnt out really great and are really worth seeing! You will also receive regular reminders of your booked appointment via e-mail and SMS – if you miss your shoot, it is your own fault. Another tip: Reliability is generally important. So, if you can't or don't want to anymore, just cancel so that agencies or employers can plan accordingly and other participants also get a chance.


Many thanks again to the entire team of Foto-Agentur for the great experience and the beautiful pictures! I’m already very excited which projects are in store for me :)