I´m just a beginner ?
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Hej !

Yeah its saturday night and I´m actually having fun: on my sofa and netflix and chill. You didn´t expect this, huh? I should write here about my super model experiences but I hadn´t have so many to be honest, so I write a blog entry? No I´m just so bored that I have nothing better to do. You know this times when you try to find a motivation and then just it isn´t coming like we want. But hey you´re not alone out there, believe me. I´m wearing a really ugly pyjama right now and I found the motivation, oh okay ydc. But let´s talk about the wor(l)d motivation. What does it actually mean? So wait let´s google it and then the first page that comes up ´wikipedia´of course though. We can see motivation is about energy and power and strength and blabla..But you don´t need it. You just don´t need it all. We all have motivation in our deepest souls, but it´s just not coming sometimes. Time to change it. I wasn´t so totally not sure if I should write it because what for? why? Know I know. Three easy steps: Turn your music on..Just don´t think..do it..now or never! #believemymotivation

love ya